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Architects: Petersen-Staggs, Boise, Idaho
Architects: Petersen-Staggs, Boise, Idaho
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HealthC 01
Boise West Dental Health Center, Boise, Idaho
This building’s space planning was designed to house three, independent practices, allowing each to direct the flow of its patients. Each doctor is afforded a private office with a restroom and each practice has its own sterilization facility. On-site labs and a darkroom were also designed. The basement includes two labs, an oven room, restrooms, employee lounge and mechanical, electrical and gas storage rooms. Integrated systems include C02 and the air-vacume control systems. The building has public and private spaces to varying degrees. An accessible ramp mitigates the grade between the parking lot and the front entry. The front entry is marked with double doors and a raised concrete patio with metal railing and a landscaped planter. A public stair case is located just within the front entry. A private exterior and interior stair accommodates separate staff access to the main floor and the basement.
Doctor’s Immediate Medical Care and Family Practice Clinic, Boise, Idaho
This was a new, wood framed building with a running bond brick veneer with rowlock and soldier course corbel band accents. The concrete tiled, hipped roof hides a well that houses the building’s mechanical equipment. Western red cedar trims out the facia and a facade reveal. As part of a larger retail development, the project’s scope of site work included utility connections, cutting and patching, concrete sidewalk with ramp, landscaping, a trash enclosure and a recessed entry mat. The building’s interior spaces include; a vestibule, receptionist and waiting area, patient and staff restrooms, an x-ray room with control booth, a darkroom and a control center. Clinic rooms include three offices, an orthopedic room, three exam rooms, a treatment room, a private doctor’s office with restroom, storage and a lounge. Extensive cabinets and countertops were designed for most of the rooms.
Portfolio of Petersen-Staggs Architects