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Architects: Petersen-Staggs, Boise, Idaho
Architects: Petersen-Staggs, Boise, Idaho
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Syringa Bank
Branch Bank at 17th & State Streets, Boise, Idaho
Petersen • Staggs Architects LLP provided design and development services for this prototypical branch of what was Idaho First National Bank. This research and development effort entailed reviving more traditional bank interior service areas in a contemporary form.
While the exterior of the building was designed to be compatible with the existing Albertsons Market Place, the building reads as a unique and separate entity. The square building has two clipped corners on a diagonal axis to the street intersection; one corner is the entrance, the other is a covered, three-lane drive-up teller. The architectural expression draws upon natural materials; brick, wood, tile and glass block. Attention to detail is clearly manifested in this balanced and refined building.
Good communications was the key to the success of this project, both in project meetings and with the informal dialogue among vested parties. Interfacing with Albertsons, the owners of the Market Place, on behalf of Moore Financial was a critical task for the architects given the divergent desires of each. In addition to preparing coherent and comprehensive plans and designs for the project, the architects obtained the necessary governmental approvals for the client in an area highly sensitive to design compatibility.
Portfolio of Petersen-Staggs Architects