Architects: Petersen-Staggs, Boise, Idaho
Architects: Petersen-Staggs, Boise, Idaho
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State Farm Office Building, Boise, Idaho
The owner of this Boise insurance office wished to build a new space larger than her existing space to accommodate her expanding business and also incorporate a smaller tenant space within the building. The leasable space was to be designed such that it could easily be expanded as her insurance business continued to grow. With this in mind, Petersen • Staggs Architects LLP produced a floor plan that was both functional for the current needs of the owner and could easily and seamlessly be expanded in the future by the removal of a couple of non-structural walls. The exterior of the building makes use of deep roof overhangs to limit solar heat gain through the many windows during hot summer days but allow sunlight to enter and provide solar heat gain during the cold winter months. A large, central, open space with high, shaded, north and south facing windows are used to bring in natural, ambient light. This feature, along with interior windows and glazed doors between individual offices and the central, open space allowing natural light into every corner of the building greatly reduces the need for artificial lighting. The exterior material palette includes integrally colored stucco, manufactured stone veneer and intricately detailed, heavy timber post and beam structure at the entry canopies.