Architects: Petersen-Staggs, Boise, Idaho
Architects: Petersen-Staggs, Boise, Idaho
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Petersen Staggs Office
Wild Oats Corporate Office, Boulder, Colorado
The Wild Oats Corporate Office was a second use facility to an abandoned SEARS building. The corporate office needed to function comfortably as a home office space and represent Wild Oats natural and organic appeal.
Petersen • Staggs Architects LLP was commissioned to design the interior of  the 82,252 sq. ft. office facility which was completely stripped and remodeled with the concept of using ‘green’ materials where applicable. Products such as Kirie Board, Wheat Board, recycled wood and glass
products, local stone and other environmentally conscious products like cork flooring were used throughout the building. Skylights were also added to the roof to allow natural light to penetrate the building on the top floor. Office spaces and conference rooms were designed to be visibly open to avoid confined, discouraging places and promote interaction among employees and management.
Petersen • Staggs Architects LLP approach to accurately measure the existing building conditions then turning that information into precise construction drawings and attention to detail and coordination between all consultants involved made this remodel a huge success.
State Farm Office