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Architects: Petersen-Staggs, Boise, Idaho
Architects: Petersen-Staggs, Boise, Idaho
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Albertsons ‘A’ Express Store 160 Fuel Center / Car Wash, Boise, Idaho
Constructed in 2001 and located on the corner of Five Mile and Overland Road, this design included a 2,029 sq. ft. Convenience store, a fuel canopy with six dispensers and a 1,165 sq. ft. full service car wash. The site design included new asphalt and concrete paving, extensive parking and striping for parking. The colors were selected to blend in with the existing shopping center and anchor tenant space owned by Albertsons.
Albertsons ‘A’ Express Store 193, Boise, Idaho
Petersen • Staggs Architects LLP was commissioned by Albertsons to develop a new grocery store as a replacement for the old, run-down grocery store at the corner of Overland and Vista in Boise, Idaho. The idea was to help revitalize the surrounding community by providing a new, upscale look. Part of the design included a convenience store / fuel center placed near the intersection to encourage pedestrian interaction as well as vehicular access.
The same materials used on the 46,086 sq. ft. Grocery store on the site were implemented into the design of the convenience store and fuel center canopy supports.
Albertsons ‘A’ Express Store 329, St. George, Utah
This fuel center is part of a larger Albertsons grocery store and retail development and is architecturally detailed to compliment that store as well as the shopping center. Consisting of 2,029 sq. ft. convenience store with an attached 856 sq. ft. drive-through car wash and separate six-pump canopy, it is situated on the 1.04 acre oblong site at the south-east corner of Sunset Boulevard and Dixie Drive in St. George, Utah.
Portfolio of Petersen-Staggs Architects